GypWall Quiet (C04 S07)

Twin frame high performance acoustic wall system.

GypWall Quiet is a lightweight, non-loadbearing, twin framed acoustic separating wall, often used in developments such as apartments, hotels, hospitals and schools where a high level of acoustic performance is required to either meet or exceed Building Regulations.

Key benefits

  • GypWall Quiet can provide up to an estimated 90 minutes fire protection to structural steel enclosed within its cavity, whilst maintaining the room-to-room acoustic performance
  • Twin-frame design allows services and structural steel to easily be accommodated within the partition
  • Reduced sound transmission is achieved by a high degree of isolation between the two frameworks and the use of high performance Gyproc plasterboard linings
  • Additional acoustic performance can be achieved with the application of Thistle MultiFinish plaster skim
White Book - Partitions - GypWall Quiet

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White Book System Selector

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