Shaft and duct encasement system

ShaftWall provides a lightweight, fire resistant structure to protect elements in confined spaces wherever access is limited to one side only. The system provides a protective structure which can be incorporated at an early stage of the construction without the need for scaffolding. The system can also be built horizontally to provide a fire rated membrane.


Please note that all British Gypsum Drylining systems are tested to the BS EN fire test standard. However we can continue to support your BS Standard Specifications project with remaining test evidence to BS 476. Please click here for more information.

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Watch this short video to see how to use this EN Specification Selector and where you can still get details of our BS Specifications.

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Fire Integrity (mins)
Fire Insulation (mins)
Sound Insulation (Airborne) Rw (dB)
Maximum Height (mm)
Partition Thickness (mm)
Products used
83 Solutions
Specification Sort descending Partition Thickness (mm) Fire Integrity (mins) Fire Insulation (mins) Sound Insulation (Airborne) Rw (dB) Maximum Height (mm) Duty Rating
A306002 (A) (EN) 87 60 60 40 4200 Severe
A306002 (B) (EN) 87 60 60 40 4400 Severe
A306003 (A) (EN) 92 90 90 42 4200 Severe
A306003 (B) (EN) 92 90 90 42 4500 Severe
A306005 (A) (EN) 119 60 60 45 4200 Severe
A306005 (B) (EN) 119 60 60 45 6000 Severe
A306006 (A) (EN) 124 90 90 44 4200 Severe
A306006 (B) (EN) 124 90 90 44 6000 Severe
A306008 (A) (EN) 173 60 60 48 4200 Severe