BS Specifications

We automatically test our British Gypsum Drylining systems to the BS EN fire test standard. However, we can support your existing ongoing projects with our remaining test evidence, tested to the BS 476 fire test standard.

BS EN 1363-1 ensures that a drylining system installed on site will perform as intended. It’s why we automatically test our drylining systems to this standard.

The previously used BS 476-20 has been used to determine fire performance of drylining systems for decades. In these tests, partitions are tested in a furnace rig which is generally no more than 3m in height. Maximum system heights are based on a ‘cold-state’, and are not tested at the heights they could be installed at on site.

In contrast to this, BS EN 1363-1 requires all systems to be tested at the height they are to be installed at, or uses field of application rules to determine the fire performance above what is practicable to test in a lab. This means the drylining system will perform as expected under these conditions in the real world.

Our new White Book Specification Selector tool will provide the very latest and most accurate specifications for your project, tested to the BS EN fire test standards. Providing peace of mind that the fire performance criteria is achieved.