BS Specifications

We automatically test our British Gypsum drylining systems to the BS EN 1363-1 fire test standard, which ensures that a drylining system installed on site will perform as intended..

BS EN 1363-1 requires all systems to be tested at the height they are to be installed at, or uses field of application rules to determine the fire performance above what is practicable to test in a lab, and our White Book Specification Selector provides the very latest and most accurate BS EN specifications for your project, providing peace of mind that the fire performance criteria is achieved.

Support for current BS projects

We can continue to support your projects with test evidence to BS 476, but please note:

  • The BS 476 standard has been used to determine fire performance of drylining systems for decades. In these tests, partitions are tested in a furnace rig which is generally no more than 3m in height. Maximum system heights are based on a ‘cold-state’, and are not tested at the heights they could be installed at on site.
  • Before requesting specifications based on the BS 476 Standard, please ensure everyone involved with the project knows that there is another BS EN test standard. You should make the relevant approving authority and construction project principal designer aware that we offer a full collection of up-to-date specifications tested to the BS EN standard.

Accessing information for current BS projects

  • Performance data for all of our BS 476 specifications can be downloaded by clicking the relevant building element button below to download the spreadsheet.
  • Once the required specification has been identified, please copy the 'System Ref' of the chosen specification and enter it into the search bar below (this must be entered exactly as provided within the spreadsheet). This will give you access to the Technical Specification document, in both Word and PDF format.
  • The BS Sub-Clause document referred to in the BS Technical Specifications can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document.
  • For additional requirements please complete our BS Specification Request Form