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Steel Protection

Assured level of fire protection to structural steelwork

British Gypsum steel protection specifications give an assured level of fire protection to structural steel. They present high quality claddings with or without supplementary framing. They employ either direct board to board fixing or are based on the lightweight steel framework clad with fire protective boards and are fully compatible with lightweight partitions, wall linings and ceiling systems.

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Fire Protection (mins)
Maximum Section Factor (m-1)
31 Solutions
Specification Sort descending Framed / Frameless Fire Protection (mins) Maximum Section Factor (m-1) Approx. weight kg/m2 Cavity / Offset (mm) - Min.
D120001 (A) (EN) Frameless 30 260
D120001 (B) (EN) Frameless 30 260
D120001 (C) (EN) Frameless 60 232
D120001 (D) (EN) Frameless 60 129
D120001 (E) (EN) Frameless 90 98
D120001 (F) (EN) Frameless 90 63
D120001 (G) (EN) Frameless 60 260
D120001 (H) (EN) Frameless 60 251
D120001 (I) (EN) Frameless 90 135