GypLyner Universal Wall Lining (C07 S04)

Metal framed wall lining system.

GypLyner Universal Wall Lining is a cost-effective, virtually independent metal wall lining system. This system is commonly used where the external wall or substrate is very uneven or out of plumb.

Key benefits

  • Background surface irregularities are accommodated within the framework cavity
  • Provides a solution for backgrounds that are not suitable for bonded systems, for example plasters or DriLyner systems
  • Services are easily incorporated within the framework
  • Wide range of U-values achievable to suit project requirements through our extensive selection of Gyproc ThermaLine laminate board types and thicknesses
  • Minimal thermal bridging of the insulation layer due to the small, discrete fixings back to the substrate
  • Provides a thermally responsive environment with quick heating time as a result of positioning the insulation layer on the warm side of the room
  • Provides a high performance option to achieve enhanced acoustic performance
  • Ideal system for improving a wall’s water vapour resistance through the addition of a Gyproc duplex board option with integrated vapour control membrane
White Book - Linings - GypLyner Universal

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White Book System Selector

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