Development at Ratcliffe-on-Soar - Scheme of Work

Extraction will follow a traditional method of gypsum quarrying, where site preparation works for each part of the site are the same:

Soil Stripping

Archaeological Investigation

Overburden Removal

Gypsum Extraction


Transportation of Final Products

Restoration of Quarried Land

Soil Stripping
Archaeological Investigations

Gypsum will be extracted using the same low intensity drill and blast technique employed at the company’s Bantycock Quarry (see example video below) near Newark. Blasting will be limited, as it is only needed to ‘fracture’ the gypsum so that it can be lifted by excavator to the processing area. It will be controlled by strict planning, environmental and safety measures.

We have carried out multiple surveys over the last few months as part of an Environmental Assessment. Nottinghamshire County Council has advised which issues should be addressed and we have worked with specialist advisors to investigate any potential impacts.

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