Development at Ratcliffe-on-Soar - Restoration

The plan for restoring the site once quarrying operations have finished is influenced by the need to prepare the site for future development approved through the LDO.

Soils and overburden will be used to create a restoration landform suitable for solar development and the level surface platform for a future building.

The site will be restored over a 1-2 year period once all of the gypsum has been removed. The restoration scheme will include areas of new habitat, such as species rich grassland and woodland, along with enhancing existing hedgerows and woodland.

We have a proven record of successful restoration at our sites. These include Kilvington Lakes, which is a former gypsum quarry and now a popular birdwatching site south of Newark; and progressive restoration currently taking place at Bantycock Quarry, also south of Newark.

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