Future plans

We’re open and honest about our future plans because we care about building better, by reducing our impact on the environment and local communities.

We’ve been mining British gypsum for more than 150 years, supported by over 1,300 employees and our local communities. It’s not unusual for many generations of the same family to have worked with us, passing on the experience and skills that make our high-performance gypsum products.

We work hard to minimise our impact on the local environment and strive to ensure we leave a minimal footprint on our surrounding areas. Our local environment and community is as important to us as it is to you. Which is why we want to be open and honest about our future plans.

We’ve outlined our plans below so you can clearly see what our proposals are. You’ll also have the opportunity to give us feedback on how you feel about them.

If something comes up that affects you, we’ll be in touch as part of our planning consultation. You’ll be invited to come along and chat to us about our plans, so you can hear first hand what we’re proposing and ask any questions.

Our Plans

You can read about our consultation on developments at Ratcliffe-on-Soar here