A message from Matt Pullen, Managing Director British Gypsum, in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and product availability

5th June 2020 – 10.00

We have now embedded the new Covid-19 safe operating procedures into our business, enabling the successful re-start and scaling up of our mining, manufacturing and logistics across the UK, to support the construction industry, provide protection for our customers’ and colleagues’ livelihoods, and play a vital part in the recovery of the UK economy.

Based on this, I am pleased to be able to provide you with an update on our output to you, our customers. From the start of this week, all of our plasterboard and plaster plants are consistently operating at over 80% capability. We have further increased our despatches this week, which are now at more than 350 trade loads per day, being delivered to customers. 

These products are being delivered to our usual merchant, distributor and DIY stockist customers according to their allocation volumes. Just as we have prioritised our existing merchant, distributor and DIY stockists, many of our partner stockists have the same approach with their existing customers, prioritising their product requirements, so please liaise with your usual stockists regarding your individual product requirements.

We are confident that we will in the near future, help re-stock all of our existing merchant, distributor and DIY stockists so they can meet the ongoing demand for our products, from individual tradespeople working in private homes, to the greater number of housebuilding and commercial building sites that have now safely re-started construction. Until this time, we will continue with our implemented allocation process for plasterboard and plaster, to ensure fair supply of available product.

For our direct merchant, distributor and DIY stockist customers, our customer experience team are ready to accept your orders by phone, EDI or email (

We have been and remain truly appreciative of your understanding and cooperation during these challenging times. Please continue to look after yourselves, your families and those that continue to need support in your communities – and above all, stay safe.

Kind Regards 

Matt Pullen
Managing Director, British Gypsum

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