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Principles of Conduct and Action

Almost 20 years ago, Saint-Gobain adopted the Principles of Conduct and Action. As part of Saint-Gobain, we embrace these principles, and celebrate the core values they provide.

The Principles of Conduct and Action are the foundations of our culture. These rules give us a framework to work from, and a compass that helps all of us make the right decisions. They strengthen our day to day choices. They make it possible for our people, customers and our communities to put trust in us, our products, solutions and services. And they help us reach our purpose of making the world a better home, by creating spaces where people and communities can flourish.

Our principles of conduct

There are five of these, and they are considered to be the basic values that are shared by all of us.

  • Professional commitment: we use our knowledge and know-how to ‘play our part’ with passion and commitment.
  • Respect for others: we respect the professional and personal needs of our colleagues.
  • Integrity: we promote what is great about our business through the way we conduct ourselves.
  • Loyalty: we’re proud to be part of British Gypsum and Saint-Gobain.
  • Solidarity: ‘we’re in it together’ - putting the interests of our team and business ahead of self-centred thinking.

Our principles of action

There are four of these, and they are considered to be how we act and carry out our responsibilities.

  • Respect for the law: we act within the boundaries of the law to ensure we do business in a fair and sustainable manner.
  • Care for the environment: we promote the protection of our environment through the work we do and how we do it.
  • Health and safety: we take care of ourselves and our colleagues to ensure we create a healthy and safe place to work.
  • Employee rights: we respect the rights of those around us and deserve to be treated in the same manner.