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Diversity and Inclusion

We want to ensure our colleagues and communities see British Gypsum as a great place to work. Somewhere that people can bring their whole self to work, and feel safe to be themselves.

We believe in having a connected culture where our people live and breathe our values. Our people are able to thrive and perform at their best, they are engaged, inspired and empowered to achieve our business goals.

Our ambition is that everyone regardless of level, role, or background will enjoy an environment based on our values of trust, collaboration and empowerment. We work to ensure all of our team members are supported and can reach their full potential with us.

We take active steps to encourage people from a broad range of backgrounds to apply for jobs at British Gypsum as we believe a diverse, inclusive company will enable everyone to thrive.

New ways of working

The world of work is changing, and we welcome new ways of working in order to attract talented employees to join our team. We understand that everyone has different needs and commitments, so we’re always open to discuss any requirements or flexibility that you may need. We can’t guarantee to meet all requests for flexibility, but we promise to listen.

We’ll need a team with a diverse range of skills and capabilities to take us into the future. What we can offer in return is career opportunities and choices, through challenge, support and development. We will help everyone become the best version of themselves.

A diverse team

We aim to attract more talent from diverse backgrounds. More females, more people from black and ethnic communities, and we welcome people regardless of their sexuality, disability or age.

We’ve worked to increase the number of women in STEM sectors with our STEM Ambassador programme, events for students, and placements to join female colleagues already working in the company.

Positive steps for the future

We understand where our gaps are and, more importantly, why we have them. We’re providing all our hiring managers with unconscious bias training, and increasing our flexible working offer to provide a greater breadth of opportunity for people regardless of background or circumstances.

We still have work to do on making our workplaces more inclusive, and ensuring our colleagues feel valued, but we’re proud to be taking positive steps forward.