How do I apply ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

Does ThistlePro FastSet Finish have the same application process as Thistle MultiFinish?

There are some differences between the two. See our installation guides here for more info.

How do I achieve the fastest install time?

For the fastest finish, we recommend a single mix for both the first and second coats. Apply the second coat on as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll be in danger of losing it. Remember when trowelling up, keep the water use to a minimum.

What is the average setting time of ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

If you have used the same mix for your first and second coats and you’re working in normal temperatures, our on-site trials have shown ThistlePro FastSet Finish will set at approximately 60 minutes when being applied to wallboard. Your final trowel will be around the 70-minute mark. Times and processes are given as guidance as onsite practice may vary. Any finish times will be impacted by suction and temperature conditions.

What is the working time of ThistlePro FastSet Finish and how much time do I have to get it on the wall before it starts to stiffen up?

The working time is approximately 25 minutes. If you’re not working with a spot board, be mindful of the plaster setting even faster in the bucket - heat gets trapped in the bucket and accelerates the setting profile. The plaster may set as a lump in the bucket/on the spot but still be wet on the wall - it’ll still be workable, but it’s very important to get it on the wall quickly.

When should I clean my tools and buckets after using ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

Due to the faster setting profile, try to clean your buckets and tools as quickly as possible. This could be done after you have applied both coats and flattened off. However, conditions and onsite practices will vary.

Can I spray ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

ThistlePro FastSet Finish has not been approved to be sprayed, therefore we would not recommend it be sprayed.

Can I tile onto ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

Yes you can.

Can I mix fresh material for the second coat?

You can mix fresh material for the second coat, but please make sure that the first coat is flat. If not, any trowel lines will grin through, and you will not be able to flatten them out, which will extend the time of the final trowel to approximately 90 to 100 minutes.

Is there a maximum square meterage recommended?

A 25kg bag will do 10m2. We recommend sticking to that meterage or below it, especially when using it for the first time.

How does ThistlePro FastSet Finish perform in colder conditions?

British Gypsum has tested it in conditions at 5°C (cold water, product, substrate) and the set profile gets extended by approximately 10 minutes. The colour change takes 50-70 minutes longer, however the final trowel is done before the colour change, so the plasterer should be on their way home/onto the next job way before the colour change.

What happens if you do a 1st coat in ThistlePro FastSet Finish then a 2nd with Thistle MultiFinish?

Doing this will impact the set time of Thistle MultiFinish and compromise the adhesion of the 2nd coat of Thistle MultiFinish. It will also void the product guarantee.

What happens if you mix half a bag of ThistlePro FastSet Finish with half a bag of Thistle MultiFinish?

This will void the product guarantee, and it’ll impact the set profile and compromise the adhesion performance.

Can I add additives to slow it down?

Additives should not be used with Thistle Plasters. It will void the product guarantee as well as impacting the adhesion and performance of the plaster.

My ThistlePro FastSet Finish is out of date - can I still use it?

We do not recommend using Thistle plasters past their use-by date.