Sustainable solutions

We use the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as our main tool for measuring and assessing the sustainability of our products and solutions.

LCA is the reference method used for measuring a product’s impact on the environment across its whole life cycle, from raw materials extraction through to the end-of-life phase. This includes its energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation.

We use these results to gain a better understanding of what each product’s environmental impacts are, and identify key areas for improvement. We’re passionate about taking care of our environment and we believe this is essential to the on-going success of our business.

We produce Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to share the results of our LCAs with external parties, including architects, builders and clients. These documents are verified by an independent third party and present a product’s environmental profile, along with other product information and the calculations used.

Our customers can use the LCA results to help them evaluate a building’s overall environmental performance, and also for building certification. Most building industry environmental labels, including BREEAM and LEED, grant credits if the prime contractor provides LCA results for the products used in a building.

Our LCA assessment approach allows us to better answer our customers’ needs for more sustainable products and systems. Our improvements will prioritise initiatives including: development of more sustainable packaging, development of more sustainable products and systems, development of waste recycling services, and transparency on our products’ impacts on the environment and health.