ShaftWall (C05 S02)

Shaft and duct encasement system.

ShaftWall provides a lightweight, fire resistant structure to protect elements in confined spaces wherever access is limited to one side only.

The system provides a protective structure which can be incorporated at an early stage of the construction without the need for scaffolding.

The system can also be built horizontally to provide a fire rated membrane.

Key benefits

  • Horizontal membranes are built entirely from below
  • A ShaftWall variant with non-combustible Glasroc F firecase board linings is available
  • High level commonality with GypWall partition components, particularly 70mm stud solutions
  • Higher certainty of installed acoustic performance due to laboratory tests incorporating deflection heads
  • Can be used where access is limited to one side at the head, e.g. M & E cages already installed in corridors
White Book - Specialist partitions - ShaftWall

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White Book System Selector

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