Gyproc SoundCoat Plus Installation Instructions

Our guidance below shows the recommended way to apply Gyproc SoundCoat Plus. All times stated are approximate.

Cut heating costs and reduce noise with a parge coat for external walls.

Installation Guidance

0 mins

  • Add 17.5 litres of clean water per 25kg bag to clean mixing bucket
  • Gradually add the powder while mixing

5 mins

  • Leave to rest for 5 minutes before applying

5 - 40 mins

  • Apply a 6mm depth to entire surface ensuring all cracks or unfilled voids are covered.
  • There is no need to trowel smooth.

120 mins

  • Allow minimum 60 mins setting time before fixing plasterboard to surface with Gyproc DriWall Adhesive

Time and processes are given as guidance. On site practice may vary. Finishing times are reduced by suction and extended by cold weather conditions.

Note: Working time is approx. 40 mins.