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Striking design, specification and craftsmanship creates unique home and car showroom

Our client wanted to create an indoor gallery to display his multi-million pound collection of cars. Thanks to a striking design, high-performance products and exquisite craftsmanship, the end result is a showroom that brings his collection to life.

Coming at the design from all angles

Entrepreneur and property developer Paul Sweeney had grand plans to design and build his dream home in Worsley, Manchester. He longed to create a timeless look and feel, but there was one feature in particular that would personalise and set his new home apart; a unique gallery to showcase his car collection.

Paul Sweeney said: “One of the big drivers in this project was the car gallery and making something special and unique. The concept of the ceiling came from wanting to create something more than just a standard garage. I wanted the reflection of the cars to come from above, and the triangles created something three-dimensional, which would add character. The quality,craftsmanship and the overall finish were really important in this project.”

For the ceiling design, Paul wanted to create 3D triangles, which would reflect upon the bodywork of the cars in an eye-catching way. For such a collection of prestige vehicles, it was vital to use the very best products available to achieve that flawless high-performance finish.

In order to achieve the desired effect, the sub-contractor applied traditional skills and trusted materials in innovative new ways to achieve a perfectly neat and striking finish. They also had to overcome a number of technical challenges, such as working at height and applying products to the narrow gaps between the triangles and geometric angles. Our versatile products and dependable formulations allowed the installer to execute the work with confidence, even whilst working under challenging and unfamiliar conditions.

Time-tested products for a contemporary design

It was of the uppermost importance that our products were matched specifically with Paul’s vision for his home. The products chosen were not only selected for design purposes, but also to enable long-lasting protection and care for this distinctive space.

To help create the sharp, clean and secure finish of the geometric design, our Gyproc WallBoard 12.5mm, British Gypsum Drywall Screws, Thistle ProTape FT50, and Thistle Thin Coat Angle Bead were the ideal products for the project.

Thistle BoardFinish was the natural choice for great workability, smooth finish and consistent set time, which was important due to the number of different stages and elements in the ceiling’s design. This allowed the installer to make the most of his time, by working effectively and efficiently. Its durable and high-performance base was also perfect for the application of decorative finishes, thanks to its exceptional fixing capabilities.

Another important factor to consider was the maintenance of the space and preserving the flawless finish. With the design area being technically challenging for the installer, it was important to get it right the first time and that the products used were robust, durable and low maintenance. This meant the sub-contractor could be confident in his installation, knowing that it would stand the test of time. Thistle BoardFinish is highly durable and well suited for moderate impact areas, so it was the perfect solution. Its low maintenance finish stays looking good and allows Paul to enjoy his home without worrying about constant upkeep.

Innovative installation

Not only did the success of the project rely on the quality and reliability of the products and materials, but also the experience, skill and a creative approach from the installer.

Because traditional steel trowels were too wide to use in the narrow gaps between the triangles, Andrew had a stonemason cut down his tools to enable him to get into the space and achieve the perfect finish.

On top of this, Andrew taped each internal angle and beaded every external angle for strength and durability, helping to achieve a neat, clean finish across the multitude of angles. Fine casting plaster and a smaller trowel were used to achieve the sharp, pointed edges. All of this was carried out while working at height, using scaffolding to reach the ceiling and execute the work.

Generations of skill, knowledge and craftsmanship

As the project required such technical knowledge and exceptional craftsmanship, Paul turned to George Wood & Son – a family business with a proven track record and four generations of plastering experience passed down from father to son since 1939. Having worked with its current owner Andrew Wood on previous projects, Paul knew the level of quality and attention to detail he could expect.

Even though the design and installation was unlike anything Andrew had worked on previously, his 36 years’ experience working with our range of trusted, versatile Drylining and finishing products allowed him to tackle the project with confidence. Working together, we were able to find new and better ways of doing things to provide the exceptionally high-quality finish that was needed. And, with our know-how and specific project support, Andrew was able to use the products in new and innovative ways to achieve stunning results.

Paul added: “The cars are high value, and we wanted a high value finish to match that. Andy knew how to overcome the technical challenges of the projects. The materials that were used were important to me, and I totally trusted Andy that he would use the right materials in the right way. And when I saw they were British Gypsum, I knew they’d be the right products for the job.”

Built on relationships, trust and innovation

This project was ambitious in terms of the scale and complexity of the bespoke design, but it was also a very personal project for the property owner.

As such, long-term relationships and trust was paramount throughout. From the existing partnership Paul had with the installer George Wood & Sons, to the 36 years’ experience Andrew Wood has working with us, all parties involved embraced collaboration to work out the best solutions for this unique project. By working together, we delivered a high-performance and innovative solution, and a great place for Paul to rest, play and enjoy.

The striking design, specification of our versatile and reliable drylining and finish products, and fine craftsmanship of the installer all worked together to create an aesthetically pleasing, interesting and unique environment for the property developer to showcase his prized possessions.

Paul said: “The standard of finish and quality is far beyond what I imagined. I always imagined it would be good, but this level of finish and quality is truly outstanding.”

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