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Thistle ProTape FT50

Fill gaps and prevent cracks in plasterboard before skimming.
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Thistle ProTape is a glass fibre mesh plasterers' scrim tape that reinforces joints, gaps and minor damage in plasterboard surfaces.

It prevents cracks in skimmed plasterboard walls and ceilings by strengthening joints and gaps to minimise movement.

While the 50mm wide scrim tape covers joints before skimming with Thistle finishing plaster, the 100mm tape is also ideal for gaps and minor areas of surface damage.

This strong mesh tape is self-adhesive and quick to apply by hand or automatic taping machine.


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Name Weight (kg) Code
Name28886/9 Weight (kg)0.375 Code5200666421


Product Data Sheet (PDS)
1 datasheet related with the product
1 datasheet related with the product
PDS - Thistle ProTape FT50
Product Data Sheet (PDS)