25 years of CRASH

CRASH supports homelessness charities and hospices by supplying materials and resources to complete much-needed construction projects.

We’ve been a patron of CRASH for over 25 years. They’re an important part of our contribution to the communities we live and work within.

Here, Dean O’Sullivan, Managing Director of British Gypsum, reflects on the events during the pandemic and explains why it’s important that all corners of the construction industry pull together to ensure CRASH can continue its vital work, supporting hundreds of vulnerable people both now and in the future.

“For over two decades CRASH has been an important part of our business and during that time we have worked with a great number of other construction firms equally committed to improving the facilities that provide care for people that really need it. Without the intervention and support of CRASH, many homelessness charities and hospices would not be able to fund vital improvements to buildings and infrastructure. Whether our own contribution goes towards providing the materials for a family room, a primary care unit or a bedroom – every improvement we make to a CRASH project has the capacity to make a difference to hundreds of lives.

“It’s for this reason that we continue to support CRASH today. We have the resources to bring the very latest building material innovations to the projects that really matter. Giving a family the opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet in a tranquil space is incredibly precious, or whether our materials are used to construct the walls of new bedrooms at a homelessness facility, our contribution ensures the charities can focus on the thing that really matters – giving care.

“Understandably, as we continue to battle the impact of COVID-19, many firms in the construction industry will be finding ways to survive the economic impact of the pandemic. Yet, it’s at this time, more than ever, CRASH and the projects they support need us. No matter what the future looks like and how the pandemic continues to manifest itself, we will continue to play our part and help CRASH with the materials and technical expertise to guarantee the very best building outcomes. This is our commitment to CRASH and an important part of our legacy.

“Together, we can ensure many more people have the opportunity to spend precious moments in a place that feels like home.”