Why might the use of resilient bars fail to meet the claimed sound insulation benefit?

The resilient bar might be fixed incorrectly (wrong orientation) or the incorrect length of screw may have been used when fixing the plasterboard.

The resilient bar should be fixed horizontally with the bars perpendicular to the metal studs, with the fixing flange generally at the top of the bar. Consideration needs to be given to the detailing around openings.

It is important to ensure that the correct screw length is used when fixing plasterboard to resilient bars otherwise it could result in the screw coming into contact with metal stud. This will reduce the sound insulation performance of the system by creating a bridge which will conduct sound. Resilient bars are 16mm deep and the appropriate Gyproc screw should be selected to penetrate only 10mm through the metal. It is also important that services, fixtures, etc, do not form a bridge between the lining boards on each side of the partition.