Can Gyproc plasterboard linings be used in swimming pools and commercial showers?

We have specific guidance for using our products in both ceilings and wall lining constructions in these special wet environments where attention to detail around the specification is critical.

Ceiling lining Systems

Our products and systems are regularly specified for ceilings in and around swimming pool halls and similar areas. The following guidance should be considered:

  • The plasterboards to be used should be Moisture Resistant (MR) grade or Glasroc F specialist boards. They should be screw-fixed to a framed system at their recommended centres using fixings suitable for the intended environment
  • The surface of the board should be finished using our recommended methods, and they must be set and dry before applying decoration
  • Thistle finish coat plasters are not recommended for this type of environment therefore plasterboards etc should be finished with our jointing materials
  • The decoration should take the form of a suitable moisture impervious finish supplied by others
  • Penetrations in the ceiling linings and perimeters should be avoided where possible. All service penetrations must be sealed using a moisture resistant sealant (even though the recommended plasterboards are moisture resistant it is unwise to allow moisture to gain access into the core of the board)
  • The air in the pool area should be conditioned such that condensation will not form on the surface of the boards
  • In situations where there is a risk of condensation occurring within the ceiling cavity, it must be mechanically ventilated or the decorative finish must be impervious to water vapour. This will minimise the risk of condensation forming on ‘cold’ surfaces (such as metal) in the cavity, which could then come in to contact with the unprotected back face of the plasterboard lining
  • It is good practice to protect the cut ends of Gypframe metal components using suitable material to prevent corrosion
  • Ensure that the Gypframe metal frame is totally encapsulated by suitable Gyproc board and waterproof finishing system (by others). In swimming pool environments the use of a proprietary framing system is recommended

Wall lining systems

Glasroc H TileBacker is suitable for use as a wall lining in areas such as shower enclosures, swimming pool halls and adjacent areas. Gyproc Moisture Resistant (MR) grade boards and Glasroc F specialist boards are not suitable to be used in those areas, but can be considered for use in adjacent areas of wall lining and in most domestic situations. Attention to detail is critical and, in addition to all of the guidance given above for ceiling linings, the following additional guidance should be considered:

  • The lining boards must be lifted clear from any floor where free water is possible and a suitable skirting detail must be employed which will not allow water penetration
  • In extreme moisture environments, Glasroc H TileBacker must be used in conjunction with a tanking system
  • Thistle plasters are not recommended for this type of environment with the exception of Thistle DriCoat undercoat which is cement based and could be considered in conjunction with a completely sealed, impervious, tiling system
  • Important guidance is given within BS 5385-1: 2009 and BS 5385-4: 2009, within which gypsum plasterboard and gypsum plaster are deemed unsuitable backgrounds for tiling in ‘frequently wetted’ areas. These areas include communal showers and pool halls.