ThistlePro PureFinish Installation Instructions

Our guidance below shows the recommended way to apply ThistlePro PureFinish. All times stated are approximate.

Improve indoor air quality and help people enjoy healthier spaces. ThistlePro PureFinish contains Activ'Air technology to remove formaldehyde (a common VOC) from the air.

Installation Guidance

0 mins

  • Add approx. 11.5 litres of clean water per 25kg bag to mixing bucket. Gradually add the plaster whilst mixing.
  • Complete 1st coat (1mm thick)

20 - 40 mins

  • Complete 2nd coat, the total thickness for both coats should be a minimum of 2mm

40 - 60 mins

  • Closing in


90 mins

  • 1st trowel

100 mins

  • 2nd trowel


120 mins

  • Final trowel to a matt finish (lubricated with minimal water)

Time and processes are given as guidance. On site practice may vary. Finishing times are reduced by suction and extended by cold weather conditions.

Note: Ensure that the product is suitable for the background to which it is being applied by using the Thistle Plaster Selector Guide.