Thistle HardWall Installation Instructions

Our guidance below shows the recommended way to apply Thistle HardWall. All times stated are approximate.

Prevent damage to walls in busy, high-traffic areas with Thistle Hardwall.

Installation Guidance

0 mins

  • Add approx. 15 litres of clean water per 25kg bag to mixing bucket. Gradually add the plaster while mixing. Avoid excessive mechanical mixing
  • Apply layer 11mm

20 - 40 mins

  • Flatten off with appropriate tool for the size of the job (i.e. trowel or rule)

120 - 150 mins

  • Key surface by rubbing up with a devil float as the plaster firms up in preparation for finish coat application
  • Product is generally set around 120 mins dependent on background suction
  • Finish with a Thistle or ThistlePro finishing plaster

Times and processes are given as guidance. On site practice may vary. Finishing times are reduced by suction and extended by cold weather conditions.

NOTE: Thicknesses in excess of 11mm should be built up in a series of 8mm fully keyed coats (subject to background suitability). A new mix of plaster should be used for each new layer which can be applied after the previous coat has firmed up.

For very high suction backgrounds: Ensure adequate suction control with water takes place prior to application.