Gyproc EasiFill 20 Installation Instructions

Our guidance below shows the recommended way to apply Gyproc EasiFill 20. All times stated are approximate.

Repair small holes and cracks quickly and easily.

Installation Guidance

Step 1

  • Prepare background surface for patching by removing loose material and cleaning the surface

Step 2

  • Add 6.5 litres of clean water per 10kg bag to a clean mixing bucket. Gradually add the powder stirring continuously until a smooth creamy consistency is achieved

Step 3

  • Fill holes and cracks with filling knife flush with the surface
  • For deep holes allow first coat to set and dry before applying final coat

Step 4

  • Once all coats have fully dried, sand down to a smooth flat finish

Times and processes are given as guidance. On site practice may vary.

Note: Ensure that the product is suitable for the background to which it is being applied by using the Repair Range Selector Guide. Check Gyproc EasiFill variant packaging for working time and setting time information.