Case Study

ThistlePro Magnetic plaster lets students tailor their accommodation to personal tastes

To reduce ongoing repair and maintenance costs, and improve living accommodation for university students in Lincoln, Cherry Tree Homes specified our innovative ThistlePro Magnetic plaster in 37 of its new bedrooms. By specifying one of our high-performance products in this transformative project, students were not only able to tailor their accommodation to their personal tastes without causing any damage, but the customer also saved money by removing the need to continuously replace traditional notice boards.


British Gypsum system used:

Key benefits:

ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster

  1. Creation of interactive walls

  2. Durability

  3. Reduction in repair and maintenance costs


Improving cost efficiency and durability

Cherry Tree Homes wanted to give students at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln the ability to personalise their accommodation. As the landlord, Cherry Tree Homes also wanted to reduce ongoing maintenance costs of the rooms and trusted us to provide a solution that helped to effectively manage the initial and ongoing costs associated with the use of traditional notice boards.

By installing ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster in 37 new rooms and using the right materials in the right way, Cherry Tree Homes was able to provide students with the flexibility to display timetables, reminders and pictures from home, creating a great place to rest, play and enjoy. Cherry Tree Homes only needed to provide a box of magnets for the students to use on the magnetic plaster, reducing the costs associated with the provision and installation of new notice boards. Applied in the same way as standard skim finish plaster, ThistlePro Magnetic plaster achieves a smooth, durable magnetic base for the application of decorative wall finishes thanks to its exceptional fixing capabilities, without interfering with wifi or electrical items. James Collins from Cherry Tree Homes said:

“We are always looking at new materials to enhance the living experience users have in the buildings we construct. Of course, we also need to consider the cost implications of any specification changes we make, but when we looked at the initial and ongoing costs associated with using ThistlePro Magnetic plaster instead of notice boards, it became an easy decision.

“We are now able to provide students with a whole wall on which to put up notes, posters and even picture frames, rather than the usual small noticeboard area, which limits and frustrates students. This typically results in students blu-tacking and pinning stuff to their walls, resulting in higher ongoing repair costs as well as replacing tired and damaged notice boards every few years.”

It was important that the product used was robust, durable and low maintenance so it could stand the test of time, and ThistlePro Magnetic plaster was the perfect solution. By working together, we were able to deliver an innovative and cost-effective solution with a high-quality finish.

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Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln
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Retrofit & Refurbishment