Customer Service

Why Customer Service is so Important to British Gypsum

Gordon Parnell, Sales Director, explains how improving customer experience can help the industry build better.

Customer service teams are already the heartbeat of our organisation and despite having faced all kinds of challenges in recent months, they remain characterised by energy, resilience and professionalism.

As National Customer Service Week began on Monday, we launched a brand new survey that will help us to understand our customers experience with British Gypsum - and it’s vital that we do. We’ve already committed to future goals around sustainability, quality and innovation and mapped the pathway to reach them. To stay on track we need to measure how we’re doing, listen to the market and our customers, and be led by real customer data and insight.

To measure overall customer experience our survey uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is a metric that looks beyond numbers to understand how people are likely to behave, based on their customer experience. It’s about much more than what people say or do, it’s understanding how they really feel: how likely are they to recommend British Gypsum, to talk about us positively to others or invest in working with us for the long-term.

The NPS survey was sent out by email on Monday 4th October to selected customers, inviting feedback that will help to shape our future products, systems and services. The survey will be followed by targeted customer interviews focused on the key themes that emerge and then collaborative workshops to turn findings into plans of action.

In conjunction with the survey launch, British Gypsum has given £1000 to CRASH, the construction industry’s charity, to support homelessness and hospice charities. Once we reach 500 responses we’ll be giving a further £500, making this an opportunity to help vital construction projects as we seek to improve.

British Gypsum remains proud to be a part of the construction industry, determined to have a positive impact on people’s homes, workplaces and lives. By using our NPS survey to listen carefully, understand well and make changes where we need to, we’ll lead the way in raising the bar across our industry.