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Gyproc Joint Tape

Prevent cracks in plasterboard linings.
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This strong paper tape is the quickest way to create flat or internal joints in plasterboard.

It helps you secure joints to maintain fire and sound performance and prevent movement and cracking.

Gyproc Joint Tape is ideal for jointing both tapered and square edge boards. Quick to apply by hand or machine, it's pre-creased for easy application to internal angles, and has chamfered edges and spark perforations for better grab and easier finishing.


Standards Standard types
StandardsEN 13963:2005,Jointing materials for gypsum boards. Definitions, requirements and test methods Standard typesType 3A,Dual Purpose compound - Air drying.
Standard typesType 3B,Dual Purpose compound - Setting.
Standard typesType 1B,Bedding compound - Setting.


Articles information
Name Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
Name30409/5 Code5200866392 Width (mm)223 Length (mm)540 Weight (kg)1.1


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Declaration Of Performance (DoP)
2 datasheets related with the product
2 datasheets related with the product
DoP - JOINT104 - Gyproc Joint Tape
DoP - JOINT104 UK - Gyproc Joint Tape
Product Data Sheet (PDS)
1 datasheet related with the product
1 datasheet related with the product
PDS - Gyproc Joint Tape