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Gyproc AquaBead

Create perfect 90° corners fast with an external bead that wards off cracks and dents.
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With Gyproc AquaBead it's quick and easy to create flawless 90° drywall corners that shrug off knocks and look good for longer.

Water-activated adhesive makes this external corner bead simple to fit, with none of the mess that comes with fillers and cement. What's more, it only needs two finishing coats, cutting both installation time and material costs.

The bead's high strength polymer profile absorbs impact to prevent cracking and damage, meaning happy customers and fewer call-backs.


Standards Standard types
StandardsNo harmonised standard. Standard types


Articles information
Name Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
Name29387/0 Code5200689756 Width (mm)110 Length (mm)2760 Weight (kg)0.184
Name29388/7 Code5200689757 Width (mm)110 Length (mm)2770 Weight (kg)0.208
Name29389/4 Code5200689758 Width (mm)110 Length (mm)3070 Weight (kg)0.236


Product Data Sheet (PDS)
1 datasheet related with the product
1 datasheet related with the product
PDS - Gyproc AquaBead