CasoLine MF ceiling channels & accessories

CasoLine MF ceiling channels & accessories

These Gypframe channels and associated accessories are designed to provide seamless suspended ceilings that can either be flat or curved. Conforms to EN 14195, EN 13964.

Product NameOrder CodeDimensions
MF5 Ceiling Section25559/53600mm
MF6 Perimeter Channel25292/13600mm
MF7 Primary Support Channel25867/13600mm
MF7C Curved Support Channel*Bespoke3600mm, bespoke radius
MF8 Strap Hanger25561/825m
MF9 Connecting Clip25238/92.65mm gauge
MF11 Nut and Bolt16681/56x12mm Bolt
MF12 Soffit Cleat25438/327x37x25x1.6mm


For further system information, please see the CasoLine MF system