Acoustic ceilings

Rigitone Spacing Tools

Achieve a continuous pattern with Rigitone boards.
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The Rigitone Spacing Tool helps you achieve a consistent finish when jointing Rigitone acoustic boards with complex patterns.

It takes the pressure off when you need a perfectly aligned pattern across a large space, and gives you constant 3mm spacings between boards for immaculate jointing.

Key facts

  • Ensures constant 3mm board spacings
  • Helps line up perforations for a coordinated finish


Standards Standard types
StandardsNo harmonised standard. Standard types


Articles information
Name UC EAN code
Name24759/0 UC EAN code5200432648
Name10147/2 UC EAN code5200010147
Name10148/9 UC EAN code5200010148
Name10149/6 UC EAN code5200010149
Name10151/9 UC EAN code5200010151
Name10154/0 UC EAN code5200010154