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Acoustic ceilings

Gyptone Base 31 Access Hatch

Provide discrete access to services within Gyptone ceilings.
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Gyptone Base 31 Access Hatch creates a concealed opening in Gyptone Base 31 ceilings, allowing checks and maintenance to be carried out without compromising aesthetics.

The Gyptone Base 31 Hatch eliminates the need for unsightly service openings by seamlessly blending in with surrounding tiles. It has an acoustic backing to absorb noise, and it also improves indoor air quality using ACTIVair® technology.

The hatch comes in a two-part system that's quick and easy to fit, including a frame and a plain 510mm tile.

ThistlePro PureFinish helps make the indoor environment cleaner and healthier by absorbing one of the most common pollutants in indoor air.


ACTIVair is a new technology designed specifically to decompose formaldehyde emissions into non-harmful inert compounds, thus eliminating the risk of re-emission.


Standards Standard types
StandardsEN 14190:2014,Gypsum board products from reprocessing. Definitions, requirements and test methods. Standard types


Articles information
Name Code Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
Name27566/1 Code5200027566 Thickness (mm)19 Width (mm)510 Length (mm)510


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Declaration Of Performance (DoP)
1 datasheet related with the product
1 datasheet related with the product
DoP - GYP14190 - Gyptone Access Hatch
Product Data Sheet (PDS)
1 datasheet related with the product
1 datasheet related with the product
PDS - Gyptone Base 31 Access Hatch