Case Study

St George Wharf Tower: premium finish for luxury London apartments

Our Thistle MultiFinish and GypWall partition systems achieve a premium quality finish for the new Vauxhall Tower prestigious development.

The challenge was to achieve a premium quality finish that avoided unflattering shadows during the day and to minimise the risk of ‘grinning joints’ caused by a difference in suction between the masonry units and the mortar.

The solution was to apply Thistle MultiFinish as a finish coat on various GypWall partition systems. This versatile plaster is ideal for use as a skim coat on board substrates. Its workability and ease of application make it suitable for intricate jobs as it blends evenly with the surface to minimise imperfections.

Michael Gavin, MPG Contractors, said:“The product gave such a smooth finish which really showed each apartment off to its full potential, we would definitely recommend it for similar jobs. It was so easy to use and was great for touching up small areas.”

Ross Faragher, Managing Director at St George PLC, said “Creating a curtain wall building was ambitious and required a lot of specialist materials but we are really pleased with the finished result. Thistle MultiFinish not only created a great finis, but also provided a high quality, durable base for interior decoration.”

Richard Tribe, Optimise Limited architects, said “Vauxhall Tower is a prestigious project, so it’s critical that every last detail is right. The amount of daylight the building gets throughout the day was a huge consideration, as it meant all imperfections, particularly on the walls, would be emphasised. Thistle MultiFinish was a great help in eliminating unsightly bumps and allowed us to achieve an excellent, smooth finish.”

“The quality of design and construction of this project had to be perfect; we couldn’t afford to have a substandard finish. Therefore, we wanted a plaster solution that we could rely on to deliver a good result. Thistle MultiFinish is well regarded across the industry and is widely used, so we knew it would be ideal for the job at Vauxhall Tower.”

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