Case Study

Sheffield BSF benefits from fast and effective drylining

We helped Sheffield’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme meet the project’s acoustic and aesthetic needs.

The Sheffield Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project is a 27-year concession to finance, construct, operate and maintain two new secondary schools and one new special educational needs secondary school for Sheffield City Council.

To support this project, we collaborated with the main contractor to re-engineer the partition’s specifications to demonstrate cost savings in time and materials, speed up and simplify the installation process and develop a cost-effective ceiling solution to meet both acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

This project featured our Gyptone® Line 6 which uses an acoustic fleece backing and deep perforations to absorb unwanted sound instead of reflecting it. It also helps to make indoor air healthier by absorbing formaldehyde using ACTIVair® technology. The board creates a modern aesthetic with a neat rectangular pattern of perforations, along with seamless joints. It's supplied with a plain finish so it's easy to decorate to suit the space.

We also worked together with the specialist contractor, Measom Drylining, to develop a cost-effective specification that would be simple to manage on site in terms of product and wall type numbers. Additionally, we standardised the wall types, from six to two systems, consisting of just two types of Gyproc® plasterboard and two Gypframe® metal studs.

Our range of Gyproc plasterboards are versatile and innovative, giving a high-performance finish for all building interiors. Options include plasterboard linings with superior sound control, increased durability, improved fire-protection, better moisture resistance, more efficient thermal performance and easier installation.

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Sheffield Building Schools for the Future
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