Gypframe Carbon Low


Low Carbon, High Priority

Introducing our brand new Gypframe® Carbon Low metal profiles. They have the same colour, dimensions and performance you expect from us, but with a very important difference: through an updated steel manufacturing process, they have up to 58%* less embodied carbon over the whole product life cycle versus our standard metal profiles.


The same high performance


By specifying Gypframe Carbon Low for your next project, you'll be able to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve higher BREEAM and LEED points. Plus, we've rigorously tested Gypframe Carbon Low to ensure it performs the same as our existing profiles, so you can improve your project's sustainability without compromising system performance.

Reduce your carbon footprint today, to increase our chances for tomorrow


Join us on our mission to reduce the construction industry's carbon dioxide emissions. Speak to your local British Gypsum sales representative today to find out more about Gypframe Carbon Low.


We care about building better for people and the planet.

Gypframe Metal Products

Gypframe Metal Products
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Resources and Literature

Resources and Literature

Note: GWP indicator calculated from cradle to grave (A1 to C4 stages) and verified by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which substantiates the environmental and emissions claims of this product.