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Our work with local communities

Explore our yearbooks to learn about some of the fantastic local causes we’ve supported.

Our 2022 yearbook is here, looking back at the work we’ve done with the communities around each of our sites. We’re proud to support the people and organisations that make our communities so special, whether it’s by donating our materials, funds, or time. From volunteering with food banks to funding new libraries for local primary schools, we’re committed to being good neighbours to the people who live and work nearby.


We’ve come a long way since launching our Building Better Communities programme at the end of 2020. Over the last two years, we’ve contributed to more than 30 causes that support happy and healthy communities, tackle poverty, boost diversity and inclusion, and improve natural spaces in our local areas.

Download the 2022 and 2021 yearbooks today to discover some of the vital projects we support.

The 2022 yearbook
The 2022 yearbook

Download the 2022 yearbook

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See what we achieved in 2022, from helping to build sports facilities to contributing to a new outdoor classroom.