Frameless structural steel encasement system that provides up to 120 minutes fire protection.

FireCase is a frameless structural steel encasement system that provides up to 120 minutes fire protection to a wide range of universal beam, column and joist sizes. Installation is quick and easy owing to the ability to fix Glasroc F FireCase boards to one another without the need for additional framing. The Glasroc F FireCase lining provides a smooth, robust surface with no requirement to joint or apply a decorative treatment.

  • Frameless system that minimises the space needed to provide fire protection to structural steel
  • Reduced installation time as Glasroc F Firecase boards can be staple-fixed to one another without the need for other components
  • Build-programme flexibility and earlier installation as the inherent moisture resistance capability of Glasroc F Firecase means that installation of the FireCase system can commence before the building envelope is fully weather tight
  • FireCase system is easy to inspect for continuity when compared to intumescent paint solutions, giving greater peace of mind both immediately after installation and during maintenance inspections
  • Reduced waste and labour onsite as bespoke, pre-cut widths of Glasroc F Firecase are available (subject to minimum order quantity)
  • High levels of acoustic insulation, in addition to excellent fire protection performance, can be maintained with appropriate detailing to the abutments between GypWall partition systems and FireCase steel encasements
  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved (93/2935)
  • Fire resistance: 30 - 120 (mins)

How do you fire protect structural steel sections?

We offer the FireCase system or the GypLyner ENCASE system to form an encasement around the beam or column.

How do you protect a steel column within a masonry wall

Our FireCase system using Glasroc F FireCase board can be used to fire protect partially exposed steel columns within a masonry wall.

How much space is required to encase steel sections?

With our FireCase frameless encasement system it could be only the Glasroc F FireCase board width itself (e.g. minimum 15mm). Our GypLyner ENCASE system requires more space due to the metal framework.


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