High performance fire-resistant wall system.

FireWall is a lightweight, non-loadbearing wall capable of providing up to 240 minutes fire resistance. It is commonly specified in areas that contain business-critical items such as computer servers or data storage equipment. It is also specified where fire-spread containment is required, for example, in plant rooms.

  • Satisfies insurance company requirements for enhanced performance
  • Reduction of the structural load is achieved through this lightweight alternative solution to traditional masonry construction
  • Increased fire resistance is achieved without compromising partition thickness through the use of non-combustible Glasroc F glass-reinforced gypsum boards
  • No additional framing components required on site due to the use of standard Gypframe metal products that are widely used in other British Gypsum partition solutions


A range of applications, including mezzanines, plant room, data storage rooms and warehousing.

  • Sound insulation airbourne: 46 - 59 (Rw dB)
  • Fire resistance: 180 - 240 (mins)

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Tested specifications and related files including BIM and dwg CAD.

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