GypWall Robust

Durable impact resistant partition system.

GypWall Robust is a highly impact-resistant partition system for use where a more durable solution is required. All GypWall Robust systems utilise Gyproc DuraLine board to give enhanced levels of resistance to damage from everyday occurrences, such as school bags being knocked against corridor walls as pupils move from one lesson to the next. As a result, the system provides a lightweight, non-loadbearing partition ideal for all types of commercial, healthcare and educational buildings that experience high levels of human traffic.

  • Achieves Severe Duty Rating to BS 5234 with only a single layer of Gyproc DuraLine plasterboard to each side of the partition
  • Reduced maintenance cycles due to impact resistant nature of Gyproc DuraLine plasterboard
  • Fully compatible with other British Gypsum systems, GypWall Robust can be specified in areas of the building that really need it, whilst other GypWall partitions can be used in lower duty performance zones for optimal project value
  • Increased levels of acoustic performance are available when GypWall Robust is specified with Gypframe 92 AS 50 AcouStud – a commonly chosen solution for school classrooms and hospital consulting rooms
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance can be achieved through the use of ThistlePro DuraFinish skim plaster; an ideal finishing solution for GypWall Robust
  • Sound insulation airbourne: 42 - 58 (Rw dB)
  • Fire resistance: 60 - 120 (mins)
GypWall Robust

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