GypWall Quiet SF

Single frame acoustic separating wall system

GypWall Quiet SF is a non-loadbearing partition, which provides high levels of sound insulation up to and exceeding regulatory requirements for separating walls.

GypWall Quiet SF offers high levels of acoustic performance within a narrow footprint. This makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of buildings where it is important to provide occupants with a comfortable acoustic environment, whilst at the same time maximising available floor area, for example, schools and hospitals.

  • Very efficient use of floor space due to a high level of acoustic performance being achieved with a minimal partition width
  • Reduced sound transmission is achieved through the use of Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar to provide a high degree of isolation between the Gypframe 'C' Studs and the high performance Gyproc plasterboard lining
  • Additional acoustic performance can be achieved with the application of Thistle MultiFinish plaster skim on selected specifications
  • Sound insulation airbourne: 61 - 65 (Rw dB)
  • Fire resistance: 60 - 120 (mins)

What are Staggered, Quiet, Quiet SF, Audio, ShaftWall stud partitions?

These are all types of British Gypsum metal stud partition systems, each with a different application.

Which partition types provide high acoustic performance with minimum impact to space?

GypWall CLASSIC using Gypframe AcouStuds, GypWall QUIET SF and GypWall STAGGERED are all good options to meet this requirement.

GypWall Quiet SF

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