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What is the coverage of Thistle GypPrime?

Thistle GypPrime can be diluted, normally a ratio of 1:5 parts water provides adequate suction control, or it can also be used neat if necessary to control extremely severe suction. One tub covers up to 600 sqm (diluted 1:5) or 100 sqm undiluted.

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How do I deal with high suction backgrounds?

Management of high suction backgrounds would be dependent on the substrate and the material being used.

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How much Gyproc DriWall Adhesive will I need?

A 25kg bag of Gyproc DriWall Adhesive is suitable for two 1200x2400mm plasterboards under normal use, however more adhesive will be required if the background is not plumb or straight.

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Can I plaster straight onto a painted wall?

Plastering on existing painted walls is only possible if the paint and the substrate in which the paint is applied are both in very good condition.

In terms of adhesion and cleanliness, and with the application of Thistle Bond-it prior to plastering. We suggest carrying out this procedure on a trial area to determine the suitability (adhesion).

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Can you tile directly on Thistle BondingCoat?

No, tiles should not be applied directly to Thistle undercoats, with the exception of Thistle DriCoat

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Where would you use Thistle Bond-it?

Thistle Bond-it is usually used in plastering applications where a background requires an improved key.

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