Below you’ll find all of the information needed to complete wall lining, partition, floor and ceiling systems, no matter the size and complexity of the project specification.
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How to deal with salt contamination in the background?

This is usually due to prolonged condensation or damp within the building and this will need to be resolved after identification the route of the cause. This could be maintenance such as gutters or down pipes, ineffective damp proof course (DPC), or poor design.

Once the issue has been resolved the use of an independent wall lining using the GypLyner Independent system may be a better solution than plastering.

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Does water damaged plasterboard need to be replaced?

Generally yes, the board should be removed and replaced with an equivalent Gyproc product to maintain the original performance criteria.

This would certainly be the case where boards can be seen to be ‘bowed’, suffering with mould growth or where paper de-lamination has occurred. Other instances such as surface wetting, which may dry out relatively quickly, could still develop water stains or mould requiring remedial treatment/action at a later stage of the project.

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