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How do you achieve a fire-rated timber stud partition?

Using different combinations of board and insulation, various system options are available with fire resistance periods of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Use the Technical Enquiry Form in the Technical Support area of the website to request information for your specific requirements.

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What is the fire resistance performance of Gyproc plasterboard?

Fire resistance performance is based on complete ‘elements’ such as a partition, wall, ceiling membrane or floor, rather than the individual plasterboards that only form part of these constructions.

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How do you build a fire-rated partition where access is limited to one side only?

Our GypWall Shaft system is designed for this application.

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How do you fire protect structural steel sections?

We offer the FireCase system or the GypLyner Encase system to form an encasement around the beam or column.

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