Below you’ll find all of the information needed to complete wall lining, partition, floor and ceiling systems, no matter the size and complexity of the project specification.
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Where would you use Thistle Bond-it?

Thistle Bond-it is usually used in plastering applications where a background requires an improved key.

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How do you fire protect structural steel sections?

We offer the FireCase system or the GypLyner Encase system to form an encasement around the beam or column.

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Can you tile on moisture resistant plasterboard?

Yes, it is possible to tile directly to our Gyproc moisture resistant (MR) grade boards without any pre-treatment, following the tile adhesive manufacturers guidance.

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What is a deflection head?

There are details used at the top of partition systems when needing to allow for structural movement of the floor or roof above.

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What is the ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of Isover products

Information relating to all Isover construction insulation products is available on their website at

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What is the volatile organic compound (VOC) content of Gyptone ceiling tiles?

The Gyptone ceiling tile range has been tested to EN 13419-1EN 13419-3 & ISO 16000-3. Results show that the total VOC emissions are less than 1000μg/m3.

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What is the volatile organic compound (VOC) or Formaldehyde content of Gyproc plasterboard?

Based upon indicative testing of a sample of plasterboard products, Gyproc plasterboard is estimated not to contain a VOC content or Formaldehyde content which exceeds the requirements of European voluntary labelling schemes connected with indoor air quality.

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