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Site Dust

During installation of British Gypsum products dust may be generated.  Any dust (regardless of chemical composition) is considered to be a substance hazardous to health under COSHH if it is present at a concentration in air equal or greater than 10mg/m3 (for inhalable dust) or 4mg/m3 (for respirable dust).

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Which side of the board should face outwards?

For all Gyproc plasterboards, the coloured paper face should face outwards and is the side suitable for plastering or direct decoration.

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What is the difference between BS and BS EN fire resistance test standards for plasterboard partitions?

BS EN 1363-1 better replicates the way a dry lining system is installed on site. In a BS 476-20 fire test, partitions are generally constructed to no more than 3m in height. The standard allows for maximum partition heights above 3m to be based on a ‘cold-state’, without the need to test at the heights they could be installed at on site.

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Can I reduce stud centres to increase the maximum height of a partition?

For partitions where no fire rating is required, or where specified to BS 476: Part 22, the maximum system height is limited to the cold state height (L/240@200Pa.) Refer to the following Technical Guidance Note.

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Can I use the moisture resistant version of a board and still achieve the same performance?

Where moisture resistance is required in a British Gypsum partition, lining or ceiling, the moisture-resistant version of a board, in the same thickness as the original specification, can be used without impacting the system performance.

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How do I install service penetrations in British Gypsum systems?

If services are required to penetrate a British Gypsum system, the system performances must be maintained. This includes fire resistance, acoustic separation and structural integrity.

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Have British Gypsum products ever contained Asbestos?

British Gypsum have never used asbestos in our board or plaster products.

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What is the crystalline silica content of Gypsum plasters?

The natural Gypsum that makes up our Thistle plaster range varies slightly in composition from site to site due to natural impurities in the surrounding rock, one of these impurities is quartz, a form of crystalline silica.

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What is the coverage of Thistle GypPrime?

Thistle GypPrime can be diluted, normally a ratio of 1:5 parts water provides adequate suction control, or it can also be used neat if necessary to control extremely severe suction. One tub covers up to 600 sqm (diluted 1:5) or 100 sqm undiluted.

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