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How do I form semi-exposed ceilings?

Glasroc F FireCase or Glasroc F MultiBoard and Gyproc Moisture Resistant (MR) grade boards (e.g. Gyproc FireLine MR) are suitable linings for semi-exposed ceilings providing the boards are protected from direct weathering and driving rain.

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How should DriLyner Dab be installed?

DriLyner Dab is suitable for most of our plasterboard range, with the exception of our moisture resistant boards.

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What is the minimum temperature for Gypsum Products?

Thistle plasters should only be applied to backgrounds where the minimum temperature will remain at 2°C or above until dry (except ThistlePro DuraFinish which should remain at 5°C or above until dry.) Dry, bagged plaster isn't affected by low temperatures.

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Do I need to do anything differently after installing ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

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What backgrounds can I use ThistlePro FastSet Finish on?

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How do I apply ThistlePro FastSet Finish?

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Does ThistlePro FastSet Finish qualify for the British Gypsum SpecSure® systems warranty?

No. ThistlePro FastSet Finish is not a performing system and therefore does not qualify on its own for the SpecSure® warranty. However, ThistlePro FastSet Finish is covered by the product guarantee, meaning that in the unlikely event of a product failure, it’ll be repaired or replaced by British Gypsum.

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What is ThistlePro FastSet Finish specifically designed for?

ThistlePro FastSet Finish can be used for any jobs where you want to get a quick gauge on. It’s ideal for patching and smaller re-skims.

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How do I plaster in excessive heat?

Although there is no definitive maximum room temperature for plastering, additional care should be taken when outside temperatures are considered higher than ‘normal’, as the plaster setting times may be reduced.

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