How to splice Gypframe ‘I’ Studs in the ShaftWall system

Splice Gypframe ‘I’ Studs together using Wafer Head Jack-Point Screws and Gypframe Retaining Channels.

Read the video transcript below

This video will demonstrate the method of splicing Gypframe ‘I’ Studs when they’re used in the British Gypsum ShaftWall system.

The ‘I’ Stud used for this demonstration is 92 I 90.

To splice the studs together, we need to cut the face flange off both sides of the ‘I’ Stud, creating a tab length of 200mm.

Studs are then fixed together with four Wafer Head Jack-Point Screws and placed in position.

To allow the Gyproc CoreBoard to fit, release the two Wafer Head Jack-Point Screws to the face flange that the board will sit against, then reinsert the screws.

Insert the Gypframe G105 Retaining Channels into position. Note the 14mm diameter drilled holes on the retaining channels, which are at the position of the screws that are holding the splice detail together.

Remove the two Wafer Head Jack-Point Screws to the opposite side of the stud joint. Once the retaining channels are installed, reinsert the two screws.

Three additional Wafer Head Jack-Point Screws are installed through the retaining channel at the joint to complete the fixing of the splice detail.

That’s it! The splice detail for ‘I’ Studs in ShaftWall is complete.

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