How to fix 18mm plywood pattress to partitions

Use Gypframe Steel Angle sections to provide fixings for 18mm plywood pattressing.

Read the video transcript below

This video will demonstrate how Gypframe GA3 and GA4 Steel Angle sections are used to provide a fixing for 18mm plywood pattress detailing on partitions.

Cut the angle sections to the required length to suit the size of the pattressing.

The GA3 and GA4 angle sections are pre-drilled and fixed to the flange of the metal stud to allow staggered fixing from both sides.

Once we have the angles fixed, we can now proceed to fix the plywood pattressing in place.

It’s good practice to pre-drill the 18mm plywood so the drywall screw will pull in flush to the face of the plywood. We can now fix the plywood into position, and the pattressing is complete.

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