Thistle Bonding 60 – what is it and why use it?

Find out more about our Thistle Bonding 60, a repair and patch plaster.

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My name’s Gary Blackburn, I’ve worked in the plastering industry since 1978. I’m a Plaster Demonstrator – I actually go round talking to plasterers, talking to companies, demonstrating new products, making sure plasterers are comfortable with them.

Today we’re talking about patching chases. Sometimes you go on a job, you’ve been asked to do a re-skim and you get there and there’s a patch that needs doing. You’ve got to get this job done quick because you’re on another job tomorrow.

Traditionally, before Bonding 60 came out, I would have used Bonding and literally you put your Bonding on and then you’ve got a long time to wait for it to set. There are ways of doctoring the product, but in all honesty you do get a compromise on quality. We’re talking about Bonding 60 today, it sets within sixty minutes, it’s ready to skim, you get a much faster turnaround without actually compromising on any of the quality.

When we’ve done demonstrations with Bonding 60 it’s been very well received. Mixing Bonding 60 up, is more or less exactly the same as Bonding. Bonding 60 actually feels more creamy, a bit smoother to use than Bonding. It seems to flow off the trowel a lot better, a lot easier – nicer to use. As a plasterer with over 35 years of experience, I would always use Bonding 60 where I’ve got patches and chases to do.

It gives us a professional solution to an issue we’ve faced for years.

Thistle Bonding 60 sets in 60 minutes making it the ideal plaster for patching and repair.

Find out more about Thistle Bonding 60

Thistle Bonding 60