Thistle Bonding 60 review

S&D Plastering share their thoughts on Thistle Bonding 60 plaster that they used in a renovation project

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My name is John Stanley, I work for a company called S&D Plastering in Birmingham, and I have been plastering for 43 years.

Today we’ve been testing Thistle Bonding 60 on an old barn conversion, 200 years old. We’ve found it very useful for patching up gaps round beams where we need the plaster to set quickly before we can re-skim.

Mixing and applying this product is very similar to traditional [Thistle] Bonding [Coat], so there were no problems with mixing or applying to any surfaces.

Previously we would have used conventional Bonding, rather than the Thistle Bonding 60. Conventional Bonding takes a lot longer to set, so when you’ve got a job where you need a quick turnaround, Thistle Bonding 60 is ideal.

There are other ways of making conventional Bonding set quickly but it could compromise the integrity of the product.

With Thistle Bonding 60 we realise that now you have no problems with adhesion to any surface and the setting time will be reliable.

Based on the trials we’ve done today, we would certainly use it again under similar circumstances, also for relatively small patches that you need to set quickly so you can skim them. It would be an ideal product for that sort of work.

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Thistle Bonding 60 - Review