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We’ve come today to really see what the spray mixes look like, how they’re applied and whether we would use them.

We’re promoting the Thistle SprayFinish because of the way it works hand in hand with our machines. The idea behind the SprayFinish is guys can apply larger hits through machine application. The setting time of the product is longer, so it’s giving the guys more chance to apply more material, and then they’ve got longer to finish the product. There’s always going to be the need for plasterers and a plaster. Spray plastering is going to come into this a lot more and the market it’s really going to hit is the commercial sector, so large contracts, schools, hospitals, warehouses, factories; that’s where the machines will come into their own.

To be able to do it that quickly and that consistently is amazing. To save your shoulders and your arms from hand trowelling, fabulous. Yeah, I really like it.

The demo of the product was great today, I found it really interesting. It’s good to get hands-on. I had reservations about using spray plaster in terms of blockages and timings and some of those issues have been resolved now, so I’m quite confident about using it.

Thistle SprayFinish is ideal for medium to large projects, providing a smooth, quality finish in a fraction of the time. 

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