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See a demonstration of how to apply Thistle SprayFinish plaster

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So we’re gradually putting the plaster in, just to fill up the mixing tray in the hopper. And once you’ve filled up the mixing tray in the hopper you can put the rest of the bag in.

You get clean water coming out first, then discoloured water, and then we will get some sort of consistency. We may have to adjust the water accordingly to suit the plaster.

Now you can see that the material is starting to thicken up, so we are going to attach the pipe and we’re ready to spray. We also need to have our compressor turned on and now it’s operated via the gun.

Also, whilst you are doing this you need to check the pressure gauge to make sure there isn’t excessive pressure.

[applies Thistle SprayFinish plaster]

The spraying method that I’ve just used there is basically the faster you move the gun the less plaster you put on, so the slower you go, the thicker it goes on.

Thistle SprayFinish is ideal for medium to large projects, providing a smooth, quality finish in a fraction of the time. 

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